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      Detailed information:

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      YLQ Series Single – phase Two – function Capacitors Asynchronous Motor

      The YLQ series single –phase two-function capacitors asynchronous motor is drawing the advanced technology and designed by optimal design with the max. torque of the domestic and international .This serial  have such characteristics : max starting torque, strong running output ,reliable service ,and convenient maintenance. It fits into the relevant regulations of The Recommend standard of international electro Technical Commission , and can be widely used in drives equipment of low –power machinery
      In this series :63,71,and 80machine mounting installing with 2poles in the type of B3, B5, B14,B38;80 machine mounting installing with 4 poles and the 90 machine mounting installing type of B3,B5,B14,B34,B35
      This serials can work continuously the frequency 50Hzadn voltage 220V
      Structure Characteristic
      The  YLQ series is complete – enclosed structure , and crust protecting on grade is IP44 ,cooling type is IC141, B grade insulating , and the junction box is on the top of the motor
      1 B3 model : mounting with feet
      2 B5 model : mounting with big flange
      3 B14 model : mounting with small flange
      4 B34 model : mounting with big flange
      5 B35 model : mounting with feet and big flange

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