gatsby-source-notionso example site

series of article to explain how to use the gatsby-source-notionso plugin

Known Issues

You need at least one image in one of your page

If there are no images in any of your pages, you will have this error:

There was an error in your GraphQL query:

Cannot query field "imageNodes" on type "NotionPageBlog".

The reason for that error is that the parsing of the content didn't create any images in your GraphQL tree and that throws Gatsby off when you try to query images.

Another fix, if you intend to never have any images in your content, is to change the query in your template to not query for images.

Gatsby error in console

At build time, you'll see in the output, an error message like this one:

warn There are conflicting field types in your data.

If you have explicitly defined a type for those fields, you can safely ignore this warning message.
Otherwise, Gatsby will omit those fields from the GraphQL schema.

If you know all field types in advance, the best strategy is to explicitly define them with the `createTypes` action, and skip inference with the `@dontInfer` directive.
 - type: number
   value: 0.657243816254417
 - type: string
   value: '📕'

This is just a warning, but I already started to look how to fix it.

This is fixed if we create explicitly the GraphQL types for our Gatsby nodes, but I still have not a way to declare the links between the image and page nodes that way...