gatsby-source-notionso example site

series of article to explain how to use the gatsby-source-notionso plugin

What is gatsby-source-notionso?

A Gatsby source plugin for sourcing data into your Gatsby application using as a backend. editor is a fabulous tool to create content. With this plugin, you can use Notion to create your content and publish it, as a statically generated website, using Gatsby.

There is not yet an official API to retrieve data for your pages, so this plugin reverse engineered the current API to get access to the content of a page.

For instance, the site you are reading here is generated using gatsby-source-notionso with a netlify integration using a custom domain.

The source for this gatsby site is available at:

The process to create a powered Gatsby site is simple.

In , you create a root page containing the pages you want to publish:

Then, you configure your Gatsby site to use the gatsby-source-notionso plugin and .. voilĂ .. you have your statically generated site!